Are you a killer concept artist who specializes in characters? Want a client who always pays every month? Yes, you can check our references. Also, no test art – do amazing on that first project, and we will have a ton more for you to work on. We love freelancers who know how to deliver consistently, and we keep them around.

The ideal applicant will have a strong sense of aesthetics and design, an efficient workflow, a deep understanding of light, color, and anatomy.  You should also have the ability to work within a predetermined aesthetic. We can’t make you draw a certain way, but if you can come close to what we like. You’re all set.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Learn the visual style of our FPS Military Games, and ensure the consistency of artwork production
  • Create characters based on the provided brief
  • Communicate directly with the Creative Director and Art Producer about assignments
  • Have a workflow that supports iterative development of each design
  • Create estimates and deadlines that support rapid development for our studio
  • Create amazing artwork

If you’re interested you’ll need these skills or experiences:

  • Skilled in Photoshop
  • Ability to work independently and ask for guidance when required
  • A killer Portfolio. Show us your best, not everything

Additional skills or experiences that will move you up in the stack-ranking for considerations are:

  • Understanding of the Game Development Cycle, especially how 3D artists will use your work
  • Have worked on other games
  • Have a love for military art, and put some in your Portfolio
  • Easy to get along with


Alberta, British Columbia , Quebec , Ontario and United States

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