Yes, read all this !

We are different from our competitors !

Why we are different? Because all our footage are delivered in Raw Image Format. No heavily compressed .MOV or .MP4 !

All he flexibility you need !

The RAW Image Format is like negatives if you are old enough to remember ! :) . By providing Raw images YOU decide what you do with the footage. You are not stuck with compressed images or even worse a movie file ! Our Raw data is 12 bits ! You have greater flexibility because you have a wider range. You can easily adjust the exposure or color of your footage ! That's pure fun !

Give us the time to prepare your order.

Unlike compressed movie files, Raw images are more powerful but heavier. So, our files is taken LOTS of disk space. To keep our costs at the lowest and offering you the best possible price. we have decided to prepare each order then share the link so you can download them. This may change in the future, but since Zarbie is still a small company, we have decided to go this way. So, preparing your order should not take us more than 24hours.

Have a valid email adress

Be sure your account contains a valid email address. We will send you the download link to this email.

Wanna Try ?

You've never had the chance to play with RAW Images files? That's your chance to try ! We have uploaded a test footage just for you ! Now open After Effects, Premiere, Fusion or any compatible software and have fun ! I'm sure you'll simply love it!