Zarbie Studio is a visual effects company focusing on creatures. Our main goal is creating that stunning creature for your next film, Television Series, your new VR experience or AAA video games.  Our procedure is simple. We start by concepting based on your ideas, then go through modeling, look development, rigging, animation, muscles, fur and cloth processes. So, no matter what your creature is or the planet it lives on, we deliver quality assets on time, on budget and support you throughout the project.
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Be patient! We can't show everything at this moment ! we have a few things in the oven !


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in the following areas:
Creature Concept
Want to create the next blockbuster alien creature but don't know where to start ? Well, let us create your concept.
Your creature needs to be awesome right? Lucky you, we' re picky as hell !
Look Development
An apple should look like an apple. No worries, we got the eye to make your creature look as good as expected.
Hair, fur and feathers ? Yep, Why not ?
Rigging is one of the most challenging part of creature creation....well that's one of our strengths.
Muscles/fur/cloth simulations
Believe it or not, we love bones, tissues, fat, muscles and challenging creatures !
Giving life to a creature is one of the most gratifying thing in 3D. We film ourselves mimicking monkeys and chickens....and love it !
Explosions, water, smoke, Yeah!
Point position, depth, normals, deep...all passes and layers are assembled and perfectly integrated within your plate.
Motion Capture
Facial and Body motion capture is essential for realistic behavior. We can deal with both.
3D Prints
Want to see your creature in the real world ? Let's print it !




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Daniel Belair
Daniel Belair

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